Sabine-Neches Waterway Channel Improvement Project Receives Additional Federal Funds to Complete Pre-Construction, Engineering, and Design Phase

The federally-authorized Sabine-Neches Waterway Channel Improvement Project (SNND) is set to receive $2,317,000 in federal funding to complete the pre-construction, engineering, and design (PED) phase to deepen the ship channel from its current depth of forty feet to forty-eight feet.

Texas leads nation in wind energy production, Port of Beaumont plays vital role

The U.S. wind energy industry continues to grow at a surprising rate, with Texas leading the way and the Port of Beaumont playing a vital role.

According to Forbes, Texas produced about five times the amount of wind power as did California in 2017, while it generated about 29 percent more non-hydroelectric renewable power, such as solar, biomass and geothermal than California while California’s retail electric rates were 89 percent higher than Texas’ in 2017.

The Business of Books: Two local authors compare self-publishing and using a publishing company

As one of my English professors once told me, there’s not a lot of money in fiction writing, but that isn’t stopping two local writers from pursuing their dreams of perhaps one day appearing on The New York Times Best Sellers list.

Jimmie Barnes, a local musician and aspiring author who lives in Vidor, self-published his first book, “Redbone,” in 2017.

The song “Redbone,” written by Barnes and performed by local musicians Tim Burge and Scott McGill, sets the stage for Barnes’ novel.

“I took the song and started working on the book,” he said.

Port board appoints Lee Smith as president

Lee Smith was appointed president of the board during a meeting of commissioners Monday, May 21. Smith served as VP from 2013-18.

The Port of Beaumont Board of Commissioners appointed Smith, president; Commissioner Pat Anderson vice president; and Commissioner Georgine Guillory secretary-treasurer. The terms will run until the May 2019 commissioner election.