Business Journal article receives first-place National Newspaper award

Amtrak Argument by Kevin King, originally published in the March 2015 Business Journal, was bestowed the 2016 First-place National Newspaper Association award for Business Feature. Each year, NNA honors the best in community journalism in the Better Newspaper Editorial Contest and the best in community newspaper advertising in the Better Newspaper Advertising Contest. The BNEC and BNAC, together, make up the association’s Better Newspaper Contest. Entries are accepted during the contest entry period, which occurs annually from Jan. 1 through April 14.

The importance of change

To many people, change is a terrible, dirty and awful word, and something they try to avoid like the plague.

We all know that most people do not really enjoy or look forward to change. Why? Change is stressful. People like things to remain the same and for their routines to remain the same.

It is easier and more comfortable to go to work tomorrow and do the same thing I did yesterday without any push to do it differently or better.

The long-term outlook for the US economy

The U.S. economy is on fairly solid ground, and our latest forecast calls for moderate growth over the long-term horizon. There are several areas of concern, and business cycles are inevitable, but on balance, I expect improvement in the years to come.

Corporate volunteering may lead to more productive, happier employees

Several companies have employees who volunteer for the Food Bank on a regular basis, and there are many positive qualities among those corporate volunteers. They are usually upbeat, hardworking, punctual, open to any task, and often willing to do more than is initially asked of them. They also are generally happy people.
In other words, they are great ambassadors for their businesses!

Companies who encourage their employees to volunteer also tend to find their employees do a much better job for them at work, according to a recent Scarlett Survey.