Greater Orange Chamber of Commerce

Letter from the desk of Ida Schossow (December 2017)

Local businesses in Orange County were hit hard as a result of Hurricane Harvey. It is up to each of us to help make these businesses a success. I know no one is going to commit to shop local 100 percent of the time, but give serious thought to what percentage you can commit to. You can make the difference this holiday season.
When you shop local, you will be helping local charities. Local businesses give more to our charities, youth teams and events, but they can’t support our community without your patronage. Gift more thoughtfully this year by shopping local.

Letter from the desk of Ida Schossow


As I sit here to write this letter today, I am thinking where do I even start? So much has happened since Aug. 29. We want to help the business community recover and return to normal as soon as possible. The one thing I want everyone to know is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The time references for us will now be before Harvey and after Harvey. One thing I know for sure: Orange County will come back stronger than we were before!