U.S. congressman Randy Weber holds town hall meeting at Huntsman plant

 Tuesday, Aug. 21, U.S. Rep. Randy Weber visited Huntsman Port Neches Operations to tour the facility and meet with executives to discuss plant operations and the company’s environmental initiatives.  Immediately after, Congressman Weber hosted a town hall meeting for employees to share his objectives for the 14th District of Texas.
Among the topics discussed were the steps that industrial companies like Huntsman have taken to reduce emissions and increase safety in the neighborhoods they operate in.
“There is no better player than Huntsman — for the community, for the state and for the nation, for the economy, and for the environment,” Weber said, pointing to the company’s 1,100 acres of man-made wetlands created to recycle the plant’s process wastewater into water that can be used as a habitat for area wildlife. The wetlands have a bustling population of mottled ducks, deer, feral hogs, alligators, and many other species of birds and creatures. “It doesn’t get any better than this, a good corporate neighbor right here.”
Weber also discussed the importance of Southeast Texas, as a region, to the state and national economy.
“The chemical industry, the manufacturing industry, the refining industry, the ports, the Sabine-Neches Waterway — dare I say we are the hub of economic activity here in Texas,” Weber said.
Weber, who was instrumental in getting President Donald Trump’s attention regarding the Sabine-Neches Waterway by meeting with the president in his limousine to discuss the deepening project’s importance and impact on the nation, said he will continue to push for federal funding to complete the dredging of the channel.
“We’ve been pushing, pushing and pushing for it,” Weber said. “I sat with the president … for 35 minutes going to an event explaining how important it was and explaining how important coastal barrier protection is, how much refining capacity and fuel capacity and the industry we have over here. … We’ve been telling this story for a long time, and saying look, when push comes to shove, this better be where some of this project money goes first because it’s not a question of if we get another hurricane, it’s simply when.”
Weber said now that the pre-construction phase of the channel deepening has been appropriated, he hopes getting federal funds for the construction phase won’t take nearly as long.
“I’m hoping it will be a little easier this time,” he said. “One of the things people kept saying was maybe one of the things that will have to happen for people to realize how important we are is another catastrophe. Harvey happened, and we’ve been singing that tune and beating that drum to draw appropriators, doing everything we can to draw attention so we can get this waterway and coastal barrier protection funded.”
“Congressman Weber is a strong supporter. He’s a strong supporter of our community from the coastal spine project to our Sabine-Neches Waterway and … a stalwart supporter of industry,” said Huntsman Port Neches Operations Site Director Chad Anderson.