Revivify Medical Spa opens in Beaumont

Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames, Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce representatives and staff and doctors from Revivify Medical Spa celebrated the opening of Drs. Lubna Elahi and Afia Naqvi’s new business at 3302 McFaddin Ave., Ste. 2, in Beaumont on Friday, June 30.
“On behalf of all the citizens of Beaumont, I would like to thank you for investing in our community,” said Ames.
Revivify provides the latest technology in medical spa treatments including the PDO Thread Face Lift that gives natural results and is heralded as the best non-invasive answer to loose and sagging skin.
Touted as the “Lunch Time” Face Lift, actual patients have had the procedures on their lunch hour, returning to work looking years younger, naturally, said Naqvi.
Revivify also offers radiofrequency treatment to dissolve fat, utilizing the BTL VANQUISH ME machine.
A 2016 study by BTL Aesthetics published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that BTL Vanquish ME was proven to be more cost effective and to remove fat faster — three to five times more speed coverage, per treatment regimen — over a higher coverage area.
“We are excited to see this review published, as it shows that BTL Vanquish ME satisfies body sculpting patients’ needs: efficacy and speed in fat removal, but also cost efficiencies,” said Tomas Boleslavsky, clinical director at BTL Aesthetics. “This data, coupled with other research, actually allowed us to calculate the cost of fat removal per ounce—which, for BTL Vanquish ME, is $78 an ounce compared to nearly $1,000 for our competitors.”
Revivify also offers tattoo removal and ultrasound treatment for skin tightening and fat loss.
Other services include the O Shot, a non-surgical treatment that pledges to increase sexual arousal in women.
Treatments for acne scarring and botox treatments are among other services offered at the spa.
In 1994, Dr. Lubna Elahi started her career as a board certified family physician in New York and is currently board certified in aesthetic medicine. She got extensive training in 2015 with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and has extensive expertise and experience in all aspects of aesthetic modalities and state of the art skin care treatments. She said she feels it’s important to help her clients in all aspects of their lives, whether it’s health or beauty.
“While I was treating their illnesses, I couldn’t help notice their skin and beauty needs,” she said.
This is what led her to the field of aesthetic medicine.
Dr. Afia Naqvi is a board certified internal medicine physician with extensive experience and practice in aesthetic medicine. She has been certified in sclerotherapy and aesthetic medicine since 2005. As the former medical director of Diabetes Center Community Hospital in Anderson, Indiana, she also has expertise in diabetes management, weight loss and disease prevention through nutrition.
“It is my mission to enhance both internal and external beauty and make people feel good about themselves,” she said.
After a free consultation, Dr. Elahi and Dr. Naqvi, provide each patient with an optimum formula to help everyone release their hidden beauty, known as “The Revivify Loop.”
For more information, visit or call (409) 347-7976.
“No more trips to Houston. No more surgeries. No more downtime,” Naqvi said.

Photo by Kevin King - Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames, Dr. Lubna Elahi and Dr. Afia Naqvi cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of Revivify Medical Spa at 3302 McFaddin Ave., Ste. 2 in Beaumont.