Golden Triangle Business Roundtable 26th annual Contractor Safety Awards

he Golden Triangle Business Roundtable (GTBR) held its 26th annual Contractor Safety Awards Luncheon on Aug. 15 to recognize and honor this year’s contractor safety award nominees, finalists and award recipients. This annual event honors Golden Triangle contractors for exemplary safety performance in the workplace. GTBR members nominate contractors for these awards, and the GTBR Safety Committee evaluates the nominations, conducts on-site visits and interviews contractors and contractor employees before selecting the recipients recognized during this banquet. This year was marked by an all-time high of 55 nominations from 14 different facilities.
Sean Ryan, president of Golden Pass LNG, was this year’s featured guest speaker, and other guest speakers included Congressman Randy Weber and Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick.
“The tremendous turnout and focus on safety was especially impressive,” Ryan said of the luncheon. “Safety is a core value at Golden Pass, and it is reflected in all that we do, from operating the facility to working in the office to construction projects and also at home. Values are essential to creating culture, the ‘DNA’ of who you are, who your company is and where our industry continues to strive toward. Our strong safety culture has a positive influence on those around us, including our employees, contractors and families. We expect it of ourselves and of anyone who works with us.
“That’s why it is so important to recognize those who have established outstanding safety performance records – they demonstrate a commitment to safety as a core value something that is non-negotiable and that they are willing to take a stand for.”
When these awards were created in 1991, the primary goal was to improve the safety and welfare of contractor employees working within our facilities, said Darren Goerz, chairperson of the GTBR and mechanical division manager at ExxonMobil’s Beaumont refinery.
“GTBR members have continued to see a decline in the number of injuries over the last 26 years, which demonstrates continued success,” Goerz said.
Golden Triangle Business Roundtable Executive Director Dennis Isaacs said the event was a success.
“Attendance was in excess of 500 people,” Isaacs said.
The awards represent the high safety standards that Southeast Texas industrial contractors hold their employees to. Workforce injuries in the area are two times lower than the national average, Isaacs said.
“When you consider that this part of Texas is responsible for 20-25 percent of the state’s economy and the saturation of industry here, to have a safety record twice as good as the national average is a substantial accomplishment, and it’s one that we appreciate.”
There are 11 different categories represented in the GTBR Safety Awards.
“It’s an extensive process that begins in January each year where the local industries will nominate contractors that work within their facilities based on their previous year’s safety performance,” Isaacs said.
The GTBR Safety Committee is comprised of representatives from industry.
“We go through an extensive audit process from January to August,” Isaacs said. “We looked at their OSHA performance metrics. We looked at a substantial application process that we require of them. We do private audits of personnel selected at random, which is a very significant part of it, and of course we look at all the safety records they keep. It’s a composite process, and we evaluate them based on all that criteria and rank them according to the grades.”

Participant nominees and categories

Aquilex Hydrochem Industries – Small Specialty
Brand Energy Solutions – Large Specialty & Medium
Brown & Root – Large Construction
Debusk Services Group – Small Specialty
KT Maintenance – Medium Specialty
Newtron – Medium Specialty & Large Specialty
Richard Construction, Inc. – Medium Specialty, Small
Maintenance & Small Construction
Total Safety – Medium Specialty
Trans-Global Solutions – Small Specialty


Altair Strickland – Small Maintenance
Aquilex Hydrochem Industries – Small Specialty
Athlon Solutions – Category Small Specialty
Brand Energy Solutions – Large Specialty
Brock Services LLC – Category Small Specialty, Medium Specialty
& Large Specialty
Burrow Global – Engineering
Corrpro – Meritorious
DME Industrial – Small Construction
Echo Construction – Large Construction
Industrial Scaffolding – Medium Specialty
Johnson Controls – Category Small Specialty
KT Maintenance – Medium Specialty
Leak Sealers – Meritorious
Newtron – Large Specialty
Newtron Mechanical – Medium Maintenance
Ohmstede – Small Maintenance
Performance Blasting & Coating – Meritorious & Small
Remedial Construction Services – Medium Specialty
Richard Construction Inc. – Small Construction
Richard Design Services – Engineering
Team Qualspec – Category Small Specialty
Trinity Industrial Services – Medium Maintenance &
Small Construction
Triple “S” Industrial Corporation – Large Maintenance & Medium Construction
Wyatt – Large Specialty
Zachry Industrial – Small Maintenance, Medium
Maintenance & Large Maintenance
Award recipients and categories
Burrow Global – Engineering
Corrpro – Meritorious
DME Industrial – Small Construction
Echo Construction – Large Construction
Johnson Controls – Category Small Specialty
Newtron Beaumont – Large Specialty
Ohmstede – Small Maintenance
Remedial Construction Services – Medium Specialty
Triple “S” Industrial Corporation – Large Maintenance
Triple “S” Industrial Corporation – Medium Construction
Zachry Industrial – Medium Maintenance

Donald T. Boumans Award recipient

Remedial Construction Services

Photo by Brandon Gouthier -  Paul Richards with Corrpro, Leroy Faulk with Burrow Global, Melinda Bossier with Johnson Controls, Kent Richard with Zachry, Gabe Batiste with Remedial Construction Services (Donald T. Boumans Award Winner), Jennifer Lee with Remedial Construction Services, Alvin Townsend with Newtron Beaumont; Cory LeBlanc with Ohmstede, Zach Stippel with Echo Maintenance, Greg Achord with DME Industrial, Jacob Sonnier with Triple “S” Industrial Corp., and Ronnie Walston with Triple “S” Industrial Corp. Dennis Isaacs, GTBR executive director, is in background.