Port of Beaumont key in moving ExxonMobil project along

The Port of Beaumont safely off-loaded and transported more than 50 equipment parts and more than 250 tons of material for ExxonMobil’s SCANfiner expansion project during a nine-month period starting in late 2016.

“We appreciate the Port of Beaumont’s strong focus on safety and experienced workers to help ensure the flawless execution of unloading, staging and transporting the equipment,” said Brian Talley, project executive for the ExxonMobil SCANfiner project.

Avoid post-Harvey disasters

Many Southeast Texans are working hard to help their neighbors during chaotic post-Hurricane Harvey times. Heartwarming stories abound of neighbors helping neighbors and strangers from all over the United States coming with supplies and aid. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Texas Attorney General’s Office, however, warn disaster victims to be on the lookout for scammers and fraud in the hurricane’s aftermath. A natural disaster leaves more than uprooted lives in its wake. It also attracts price gougers, fly-by-night door-to-door contractors, and bogus charities.

Port of Beaumont hires former Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Port Arthur to head security, facilities, and regulatory compliance

On October 2, 2017 the Port of Beaumont welcomed retired U.S. Coast Guard Captain, Randal Ogrydziak, to the team as the director of security, facilities, and regulatory compliance. Ogrydziak recently retired as a senior Coast Guard officer with 38 years of experience leading large, operationally complex, integrated military, law enforcement, and emergency management organizations in today's dynamic global response environment.

Lamar alum returns home to share his Chicago-based company’s food products, spirit of entrepreneurship

While attending Lamar University, Paul Fregia had his eyes set on a career as an electrical engineer, but in the long run, it wouldn’t be computers or electronics that he would be creating — he would instead concoct tasty recipes in the kitchen that summon childhood memories.

While Fregia holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Lamar University, his true love is his company, Grandma Maud’s Down Home Cookin’.

“I’ve often been referred to as the engineer who went from making electronic chips to chocolate chips,” Fregia said.