Social media posts can carry legal risk

It is hard to remember a time before Facebook and Twitter, and it seems a week can’t go by without a story about someone — celebrity or not — getting in trouble over his or her use of social media.
President Donald Trump’s tweets cause crises so often that the White House is reportedly considering having his tweets vetted by a team of lawyers. Driving while texting (or tweeting) is now against the law in many states, and with the recent passage of HB 62, which goes into effect Sept. 1, Texas joins that list.

Marking a milestone

We recently passed a notable milestone in the long process of recovering from the Great Recession: Household debt levels have surpassed the peak reached during the recession in 2008. In many ways, this rise in consumer debt is a good sign in that it indicates Americans are feeling optimistic enough to take on additional obligations. Moreover, housing markets and credit conditions have normalized to the point where mortgages are trending upward along with loan quality.

The eyes have it

If you have read my previous columns, you have by now heard of the late Col. John Boyd, one of America’s most brilliant and influential thinkers and strategists. Boyd’s works and the works of those dedicated to expanding his ideas continue to permeate the fields of military training, business strategy and personal development.

From the desk of Ida Schossow (June 2017)

The Chamber will host the Bassmaster Central Open on the Sabine River from June 15-17. The tournament will be held at the City of Orange Boat Ramp at 1000 Simmons Drive.

According to BASS, the river forming the southern portion of the border between Texas and Louisiana is a playground for Elite Series anglers, and will welcome competitors in the second Central Open of 2017.