Jersey hairdresser trades in her scissors for welding torch

A young hairdresser from southern New Jersey leaves her family and home to follow her welder boyfriend to a job in Southeast Texas. The relationship doesn’t work out. Now alone, far from her Yankee upbringing, she realizes that a welder’s salary trumps her cosmetology degree. So what does she do? She trades in her scissors for a torch and enrolls in a welding program.
Sound like a pitch for a network sitcom? It could be a first-season hit, but this is real life for Michelle Dillon, a 31-year-old welding student at Lamar Institute of Technology.

Cheniere hosts acceptance reception for Craft Development Program participants

Cheniere Energy hosted a reception at Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT) on Wednesday evening to recognize candidates accepted into the Craft Development Program established by the company last year.

The Craft Development Program is a workforce development program tailored to produce highly skilled welders needed to support ongoing construction along the Gulf Coast. Utilizing partnerships with LIT and local school districts, the program consists of advanced welding training at the college and customized, advanced welder training at a Cheniere-sponsored training facility.