Port of Beaumont

U.S. Army conducts largest military exercise in Port of Beaumont’s history

The month of August at the Port of Beaumont brought with it the largest military exercise in the port’s history.

The exercise was performed by the 842nd Transportation Battalion, which manages the deployment of Department of Defense (DoD) cargo throughout the central United States and is headquartered at the port.    

Port of Beaumont key in moving ExxonMobil project along

The Port of Beaumont safely off-loaded and transported more than 50 equipment parts and more than 250 tons of material for ExxonMobil’s SCANfiner expansion project during a nine-month period starting in late 2016.

“We appreciate the Port of Beaumont’s strong focus on safety and experienced workers to help ensure the flawless execution of unloading, staging and transporting the equipment,” said Brian Talley, project executive for the ExxonMobil SCANfiner project.