Lamar University

Astronaut Scott Parazynski one of several prestigious lecturers at Lamar's 2017 CICE Bootcamp

He’s participated in five NASA Shuttle missions and spacewalks and climbed Mount Everest twice. He’s an engineer, pilot, medical doctor, and his company Fluidity Technologies is looking to re-invent the way we fly drones. Dr. Scott Parazynksi is looking to commercialize his invention, a hyper-intuitive, one-handed drone controller that vastly improves ease of maneuvering in physical or virtual space.

Lamar alum returns home to share his Chicago-based company’s food products, spirit of entrepreneurship

While attending Lamar University, Paul Fregia had his eyes set on a career as an electrical engineer, but in the long run, it wouldn’t be computers or electronics that he would be creating — he would instead concoct tasty recipes in the kitchen that summon childhood memories.

While Fregia holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Lamar University, his true love is his company, Grandma Maud’s Down Home Cookin’.

“I’ve often been referred to as the engineer who went from making electronic chips to chocolate chips,” Fregia said.