John Paschall

BBB Serving Southeast Texas announces president’s resignation

The Better Business Bureau Serving Southeast Texas Board of Directors announced the departure of John Paschall as president/CEO, effective Sept. 13, 2016.
No reason was given for his resignation in the BBB release. BBB Board Chair Sally Broussard said it was a “mutual decision” but would give no further details to the Business Journal.
A press release by the BBB says, “John has served the organization faithfully since October 2011. We want to thank him for the five years of dedicated service to the consumers and businesses of Southeast Texas.

The importance of change

To many people, change is a terrible, dirty and awful word, and something they try to avoid like the plague.

We all know that most people do not really enjoy or look forward to change. Why? Change is stressful. People like things to remain the same and for their routines to remain the same.

It is easier and more comfortable to go to work tomorrow and do the same thing I did yesterday without any push to do it differently or better.