Heat and Humanity

Heat and Humanity: On your mark

For many of us, life’s “big wheel” has not only kept on turning but seems to be spinning with a dynamo hum much faster than we ever expected or imagined. And with the seventh decade of my life quickly approaching, one of the issues occupying my attention is how I share my life experiences with the generations coming after me, knowing there is truth to Will Rogers’ famous quote, “Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Adding to the mix is not wanting others to drive into life’s roadside ditches in which I’ve often found myself stuck.

Heat and Humanity with Doc Watson: Breaking the circle of strife

Conflict, confrontation, tension and stress are unfortunately inevitable aspects of life. They happen — always have and always will. They happen at home, in our personal lives, at work and even rear their ugly heads at play.