Admiral headlines second annual Symposium on Resilient Ports

The Lamar University Center for Advances in Port Management held its second annual symposium at the Center for Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship (CICE) on Friday, April 6. The symposium’s theme was “Resilient Ports and Waterways in 2030.”

NASA astronaut, physician and entrepreneur highlights second installment of Lamar University’s CICE Bootcamp

Dr. Scott Parazynksi was one of several guest speakers at the Lamar University Center for Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship’s (CICE) 2017 Bootcamp, which took place Friday, Dec. 1, and Saturday, Dec. 2.

Parazynski, who has participated in five NASA Shuttle missions and spacewalks and has climbed Mount Everest twice, is an engineer, pilot, medical doctor and founder of Fluidity Technologies, a company that patented a hyper-intuitive, one-handed drone controller that vastly improves ease of maneuvering.