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Wood Fired Grill and Backyard Dance Hall closes after 3 years

After three years of business in Beaumont, the Wood Fired Grill and Backyard Dance Hall in the Gateway Shopping Center at 3781 Stagg Drive has closed.
“We’ve had a great run, and I’d like to thank our dedicated staff and patrons for supporting the Wood Fired Grill and Backyard Dance Hall,” said principal owner Jerry Nelson.

Entergy gives to Sour Lake library

Sam Bethea with Entergy presents Alma Carpenter Library Director Leah Gilfillian with a checkfor $300 from Entergy’s community grant program. The staff at the Sour Lake library plan to use the grant to help with their Summer Reading Program and to help bring in other  new programs.

Heat and Humanity: On your mark

For many of us, life’s “big wheel” has not only kept on turning but seems to be spinning with a dynamo hum much faster than we ever expected or imagined. And with the seventh decade of my life quickly approaching, one of the issues occupying my attention is how I share my life experiences with the generations coming after me, knowing there is truth to Will Rogers’ famous quote, “Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Adding to the mix is not wanting others to drive into life’s roadside ditches in which I’ve often found myself stuck.

The Economist: End of an era

General Electric (GE) was recently eliminated from the Dow Jones Industrial Average after more than a century as part of the index. GE was one of the 12 original stocks included in the index when it was developed in 1896, and while it had come and gone from the index twice in its early days, the company had been continuously part of the Dow since 1907. It was the last of the original stocks to exit, and it is unlikely to return.

Medical Center of Southeast Texas names new president

The Medical Center of Southeast Texas announced Carl “Bo” Beaudry as its new president on Monday, July 9.

As president, Beaudry will oversee both the Port Arthur and Beaumont campuses of The Medical Center of Southeast Texas.

“As a Golden Triangle native, I am grateful for the opportunity to return home and serve our community with pride and compassion,” said Beaudry.

Bridge City Chamber holds ribbon cutting for Craft me Crazy

The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting, welcoming Craft me Crazy to its membership on Tuesday, June 26.
Craft me Crazy gift shop is locally owned and operated by Terri Romero and opened on June 16, offering affordable items to the public such as hand crafted signs, arrangements, and wreaths for every occasion.  For homecoming, she will be making mums to sell Bridge City and Orangefield students and encourages everyone to place their order early.

Downtown Fitness offers business professionals place to work out

With a new fitness center right down the street from many businesses, the courthouse, police station, among other facilities, it’s hard to come up with a good excuse not to work out. And while there’s usually a rush to get out of downtown Beaumont when 5 o’clock rolls around, there is now motivation to stick around.

“Everyone wants to work out … but everyone always complains about not having the time for it,” said Jason Stevens, GM of Downtown Fitness. “We created an atmosphere to give them the time.”

Swamp-grown small business

The Sabine River is more than just a border between Texas and Louisiana. It is a river filled with a storied past. Every nook and cranny of the waterways and bald cypress trees has a story to tell.

Growing up in Southeast Texas or Louisiana, surrounded by water for a lifetime, you can feel immune to the beauty and danger of these ancient waterways. One business in Orange has been seeking to give residents a new perspective on their backyard and educate both residents and tourists about this unique ecosystem.

Beaumont CVB announces #EATBMT restaurant week

The Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and the Sabine Area Restaurant Association (S.A.R.A.) are proud to announce the inaugural #EATBMT Restaurant Week scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 26 – Sunday, Sept. 2. The weeklong event will showcase local restaurants throughout the Golden Triangle that will offer special fixed menus priced at $10, $20, and $40.

City of Port Arthur, EDC hopes ‘Livin’ It Up Downtown’ project will attract businesses to downtown area

The city of Port Arthur, Port Arthur Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and Legacy Community Development Corporation are partnering in an initiative called "Livin’ It Up Downtown" to bring residents back to downtown Port Arthur. The entities are building houses for people with the thought that those people would then attract new businesses downtown to provide commodities and services for these new and relocated Port Arthur consumers.