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Gov. Perry appoints Jackson to Texas Water Development Board

Gov. Rick Perry has appointed Kathleen Thea Jackson of Beaumont to the Texas Water Development Board for a term effective March 18, 2014, and to expire Feb. 1, 2015. The board provides leadership, planning, financial and technical assistance for the responsible development of water for the State of Texas.


Veolia chosen to dispose of chemical weapons components

residual hydrolysate byproduct of nerve gas

The Veolia Environmental Services plant in Port Arthur is one of two facilities world-wide and the only U.S. facility chosen by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for the destruction of Syrian chemicals and effluents, OPCW announced on Feb. 14. 

Public hearing on TWIA changes draws crowd

At least 150 interested parties gathered at the Beaumont Civic Center on Wednesday, Feb 26, to learn more about proposed changes by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) that would add a surcharge to car insurance policies in the event of another big storm.


Gulf Coast pipeline complete

TransCanada, government officials celebrate milestone in Beaumont

Marking a milestone for the Keystone Pipeline System, on Jan. 22, TransCanada announced that the Gulf Coast Project, a 487-mile leg of the Keystone Pipeline beginning in Cushing, Okla. and ending locally in Nederland, began delivering crude oil to Texas refineries.

Legitimate Charities

Goodwill says awareness key to ensuring donations

The well-known expression “let the buyer beware” is great advice for consumers, but donors to charitable organizations should heed the same message this holiday season. The end of the year is a busy time for donations of clothing and household items, yet some of the groups accepting donations operate as for-profit companies, with little or none of the proceeds going to legitimate charities.

94 and still kicking

Moncla brothers Ken and Randy

Moncla Catering and Vending carrying on a rich family tradition


It is 94 years old and continuing to age wonderfully well. Ken and Randy – the Moncla brothers – are carrying on a family tradition that began in 1918 when their grandfather started a catering business in Southeast Texas.

Ambassador’s Corner

Scott Miller Ambassador of the Month

Congratulations to Scott Miller of KBMT-TV, Channel 12. November’s Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Month. The Ambassador recognized with the most visitations is Pam Trosclair with Mobiloil Federal CreditUnion.

Mechelle Faulk, Stone Hearst Apartment Community

Mechelle Faulk employee of the month

Mechelle Faulk was named Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce Employee of the Month for October. Faulk has worked as the Community Coordinator at Stone Hearst Apartment Community for the last year and a half.

From the President

Jim Rich, President Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce

You are going to hear a lot about the channel improvement project for the Sabine-Neches Waterway as Congress takes up the Water Resources Development Act of 2012 (WRDA). The civil works program of the Army Corp. of Engineers investigates, constructs and in certain instances operates and maintains projects for navigation, flood damage, hurricane and storm damage reduction, environmental and ecosystem restoration, water supply and more. WRDA is the principal legislation for authorization of civil works projects and policies for the federal government.

Motiva Rebounds

Motiva Refinery

CEO cites early 2013 restart for crude distillation unit

In a stunning reversal of fortune last June, Motiva Enterprises had to shut down major operating units at its Port Arthur refinery only weeks after celebrating the completion of a $10 billion expansion that made the facility the largest oil refinery in North America.