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World's Deadliest Animals

What are the world’s most deadly animals? While lions, ti¬gers, jaguars, sharks and grizzly bears inspire plenty of fear, the animals that wreak the most havoc are much smaller.

Dr. John Hildebrand, regents professor of neuroscience in the departments of neurology, entomology and cellular biology at the University of Arizona, shared his expertise on “The most danger¬ous animals in the world: Arthropod vectors of disease” at the John Gray Center on the campus of Lamar University on Tuesday, March 22.

County issues request for hotel occupancy tax fund applications

The Orange County Hotel/Motel Tax Committee has released applications for nonprofit entities within the county to apply for a portion of the County’s Hotel/Motel Tax funds.

Any 501(C) organization in Orange County that attracts visitors to Orange County, Texas, can make application to the committee. There are a number of restrictions by state law as to how the funds can be utilized. Funds must be used in a manner that encourages overnight visitors to Orange County, and expenditures must fall within one of the following categories: