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Texas House passes Gulf Shrimp Liberty Act

The Texas House passed HB1260, known as the Gulf Shrimp Liberty Act, Wednesday April 25 by a vote of 129 – 13. The bill creates and would require an occupational license for non-Texas commercial shrimpers for the unloading of shrimp.

Currently, Texas has a moratorium on commercial Gulf shrimper licenses, meaning no new licenses are being issued and haven’t been issued in several years. The shrimpers being referred to in HB 1260 are the more than 500 out-of-state Gulf shrimpers who are currently not allowed to come into Texas waters without a license.

The Fabric of Beaumont: After 20 years, Carlito's Mexican restaurant still going strong

A 2016 study showed that for the first time in the history of our country, Americans are spending more money at restaurants, including bars, than they are on groceries, to the tune of nearly $55 billion.

If you’re one of those Americans looking to go out, there are plenty of options in Beaumont, especially when it comes to Mexican food. But Carlito’s Mexican Restaurant at 890 Amarillo St., facing College Street, has been a community staple since 1997, and it’s hard to find Mexican food that is as delicious and affordable. That describes everything on Carlito’s menu.