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Children in Crisis: Mental Health America of Southeast Texas, Leadership Beaumont team up to support needs of most vulnerable population

The Behavioral & Mental Health Consortium of Southeast Texas, sponsored by Mental Health America of Southeast Texas (MHA of Southeast Texas) and Leadership Beaumont, met Thursday, March 1, at Beaumont’s Event Centre to focus on “Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Our Most Vulnerable Population.”

Speaking up for Down Syndrome: 'Super Normal' people who just want to be treated like everyone else

Speak out so you can blend in. It sounds contradictory until you hear the rest of the story. People with Down syndrome are intentionally drawing attention to themselves so they can be seen and treated just like everybody else.

Matt Bloodsworth, a 36-year-old Beaumont man with Down syndrome (DS), and his mother, Cindy Bloodsworth Jeanis, have spent Matt’s lifetime stepping out into the spotlight — speaking up and fighting for the same opportunities as other people his age.