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From the desk of Regina Lindsey (April 2017)

Last month, over 300 business leaders descended on Austin to advocate on behalf of issues important to Southeast Texas. Golden Triangle Days in Austin is a bi-annual event that occurs when the Texas Legislature is in session, which is in odd-numbered years. At one time, the three largest communities in Jefferson and Orange counties planned individual events. But in 2007, the two counties combined to create one large event, a good move for the region because it allowed a more concentrated effort. The expression, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” is apropos to this move.

Post-election reflection on corporate profit repatriation

The election is over. Now, it is time to assess the possible legal and economic ramifications.
One of the easiest things to predict is something President-elect Trump has already promised: the repatriation of profits held by U.S. corporations abroad. For those of you unaware, there are three particular quirks of the U.S. tax system that have a significant impact on the economy.