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Astronaut Scott Parazynski one of several prestigious lecturers at Lamar's 2017 CICE Bootcamp

He’s participated in five NASA Shuttle missions and spacewalks and climbed Mount Everest twice. He’s an engineer, pilot, medical doctor, and his company Fluidity Technologies is looking to re-invent the way we fly drones. Dr. Scott Parazynksi is looking to commercialize his invention, a hyper-intuitive, one-handed drone controller that vastly improves ease of maneuvering in physical or virtual space.

Spaulding awarded Texas Business Hall of Fame Ben J. Rogers scholarship

Eric Spaulding of Lamar University was selected to receive the Texas Business Hall of Fame Ben J. Rogers scholarship, an exclusive award granted to a small group from among applicants statewide. Spaulding and other winners will be recognized formally at the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation’s 35th annual induction dinner Nov. 1 in Dallas.