Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce

From the desk of Bill McCoy (October 2017)

Month 1, AFTER THE FLOOD. The flood closed the Port Arthur Chamber for about 10 days Not because our building flooded, but every employee had flooding in their house or their parents’ house. As soon as we returned, between trips to meet with insurance adjusters and contractors, the staff began finalizing plans for a local vendors and contractors workshop with CB&I on how to do business with CB&I on the TOTAL project and future projects in Port Arthur. This event was held on Sept. 27 at the Carl Parker Center in downtown Port Arthur.

From the desk of Bill McCoy (August 2017)

The Texas summer has heated up the Gulf Coast weather, and the LNG and refinery projects are heating up the Gulf Coast economy. With Motiva announcing a big expansion, Golden Pass LNG receiving its final permits, Sempra LNG making final plans to begin and Total committing to a new cracking unit, the construction jobs are continuing to become our future for the next five to seven years. Each of these projects is working on programs to include local contractors and employees. The total number of construction jobs for these projects will exceed 10,000.