Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce

From the desk of Regina Lindsey (August 2015)

We’ve been quite busy since moving back from Houston, our weekends full of partaking in the myriad activities the area offers. This weekend we attended the Beaumont Jazz and Blues Festival. It was quite nostalgic for me, as I brought together the committee that hosted the first festival 10 years ago when I was with Southeast Texas Arts Council. I feel a certain amount of pride in seeing the festival still taking place. I’m happy to report the quality of musicians remains stellar.

From the Desk of Regina Lindsey (June 2015)

As an economic developer I’m constantly thinking through what attributes set my community apart from the 20,000 cities across the country. That’s an exercise that has become increasingly important with the advent of online research tools, as direct contact with a community is often delayed in the site selection process. The Golden Triangle enjoys a number of distinctive assets, but today I want to focus on one in particular — human capital.