Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce

From the desk of Regina Lindsey (February 2016)

Lamar University is a household name in Southeast Texas, and members of our tight knit community are loud and proud. Since moving back to the area, I have learned that there are several things every good Southeast Texan should know about Lamar University:

1. Lamar University is home of the Cardinals. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend an LU football game, it’s worth it for the camaraderie alone.

2. Lamar University is developing cutting edge programs and technologies to give students a competitive advantage once they enter the workforce.

From the desk of Regina Lindsey (January 2016)

I’m a chronic politics and history junkie. My youngest daughter inherited this quirk. We went to Iowa in 2008, the day after Christmas, and stayed through the caucuses. After she married and the nation turned its attention to a mid-term election, she and her husband came to the house to watch the returns. Her husband observed, “Wow! You two treat this like it’s the Super Bowl.” On the night of returns for the most recent presidential election, we printed off a map of the United States and colored the map to show which states’ electoral votes went to each candidate.