Spindletop Rotary Club Donates Transport System to Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas NICU

The Spindletop Rotary Club was able to identify a need for the tiniest of patients in our community. The Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas NICU Department cares for some of the most vulnerable babies. The Spindletop Rotary Club was able to receive grant dollars to help purchase a piece of equipment called "Evacu B". This equipment is able to transport babies in times of emergency such as a fire or other natural disaster. Evacu B can provide one nurse with the capability of evacuating six babies and glide down a flight of stairs with no bouncing. The newborns are placed in pockets made of a fire retardant and mildew resistant material. Their heads are then secured in adjustable headrests.

“The Spindletop Rotary Club is delighted to help premature babies in our community. The Evacu B chair is remarkably innovative and will save lives in times of emergency. Our members are proud to be part of a donation like this,” said Karen Chapman, President of the Spindletop Rotary Club. “Our Club exists to serve our community. We want to thank Baptist Hospital for allowing us to assist them in protecting their premature babies. Rotarians help people in communities around the world. The Spindletop Rotary Club is proud to help neighbors in ours.”

“The NICU nursing staff at Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas would like to say “Thank You” to the Spindletop Rotary Club for the  generous donation of our fire safety EVACU B sleigh,” said Tara McEachern, Director of NICU Services at Baptist Hospital. “This piece of equipment is crucial in the event of an emergency. We hope they know how much of a difference this will make.”

— Spindletop Rotary Club press release