Nutrition and Services for Seniors offers guests gluten-free meal while they learn about Peru’s culinary culture

Around 90 people attended the Real Food Feast on Wednesday, March 21, at Nutrition and Services for Seniors (NSFS). Guests enjoyed a gluten-free meal prepared by award-winning Chef Charles Duit and the students of the Lamar University Hospitality Program.

After dinner, Dr. Robert Corbett, Lamar University professor of botany, presented a lecture featuring unique food preparations of Peru. Topics discussed in his lecture about his trip to the Amazon rainforest included fishing for piranhas, discovering the customs and diet of Amazonian tribes — how they keep their food fresh with banana leaves and drink teas made from coca leaves — and shopping for strange yet delicious foods found in the common supermarkets of Peru, such as chicha morada or black corn.

Proceeds from the event benefited Nutrition’s Grow to Share Garden, which provides fresh fruits and vegetables for Meals on Wheels clients. The garden now has 19 beds of organic fruits and veggies, but thanks to a partnership utilizing the Wesley United Methodist Church garden group’s beds, NSFS now has around 40 beds at their disposal.

To date, since 2017, NSFS has served 9,770 servings of food to seniors.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Robert Corbett - Dr. Robert Corbett, Lamar University Professor of Botany, talked about a recent trip to the Amazon jungle of Peru. There he discovered that one method the natives use to keep their food fresh when making trips down the Amazon River is by wrapping it in banana leaves into a pouch.