Golden Triangle Emergency Center opens Beaumont location

Golden Triangle Emergency Center (GTEC) opened a new location in Beaumont on Tuesday, April 3. Keeping true to its name, the company’s third freestanding emergency center completes a triangle of businesses in Orange, Port Arthur and now Beaumont.
The new location, at 5550 Eastex Freeway in Beaumont next to Magic Car Wash and Target, was slated to open in October, but because of Hurricane Harvey, construction was delayed and the opening date was pushed to April.
The project created 35 permanent jobs, and physicians partnering at the new GTEC location include Tom Vo, MD; Kyle Peterson, MD; Michael Keith Crossley, MD; Tom Konjoyan, MD; Frank Fasullo, MD; Michael Kolcun, MD; Orinana Chen, MD; Sanford Watkins, MD; Mark Zakula, MD; and Mike Stafford, MD. The location has 13 full-time RNs on staff.
According to Traci Montalbano, permit and demolition chief at the city of Beaumont, the project valuation was $1.5 million and involved alteration to two existing buildings and an addition in the center to combine the buildings, bringing the total square footage to 10,464.
Kari Busch, director of Marketing at Golden Triangle Emergency Center, said the Beaumont location is equipped to perform ultrasounds, CAT scans, X-rays and includes a full lab and pharmacy — for instance, if a patient needs a medication to get them through the night until their pharmacy opens. There are four regular patient rooms and two observation rooms — where the beds are larger and more comfortable if the patient needs to stay longer. There is also a colorful, superhero-themed pediatric room for child patients.
According to HDR, an architectural, engineering and consulting firm based in Omaha, Nebraska, that has worked on projects in 60 countries, including the Hoover Dam Bypass, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, and Roslin Institute building, “pediatric patients have different social and privacy needs than adults, and the organization of a unit should respond accordingly. The linear ‘hotel’ layout of adult inpatient units lacks the environmental stimulation so important to a developing child. … Emotionally accessible parameters help to break down the scale of the unit — this reduces stress in patients, families and caregivers as they focus their energies on ‘living’ in a more appropriately sized space.”
GTEC offers concierge medicine, but what does that really mean?
“Basically, everything is catered specifically to the patient,” Busch said. “We can keep patients here for 23 hours and 59 minutes without having to transfer them out to a hospital. For instance, if someone needs fluids, we can give them fluids, keep them in a room and let them sleep. We offer them food … whatever is appropriate for what’s going on with them. We’ll pick that up and provide that for them. Then hopefully … they can leave (and go home) and don’t have to be transferred to a hospital. … We do our best to make sure that everybody is treated at the highest standard of care. It’s not an in-and-out, instantly — we want that person to feel like they’ve been taken care of.”
If a patient does end up going to a hospital, Busch said they are transferred directly to a room at that hospital and don’t have to go through check-in procedures at the ER all over again.
A ribbon cutting for the new Beaumont GTEC was held Tuesday, April 17.
GTEC has a total of 150 employees in the company, which equates to about 50 per facility, Busch said.
For more information, visit or call (409) 892-1000.

Photo by Kevin King - Golden Triangle Emergency Center’s new location is at 5550 Eastex Freeway in Beaumont next to Magic Car Wash and Target.