Downtown Fitness offers business professionals place to work out

With a new fitness center right down the street from many businesses, the courthouse, police station, among other facilities, it’s hard to come up with a good excuse not to work out. And while there’s usually a rush to get out of downtown Beaumont when 5 o’clock rolls around, there is now motivation to stick around.

“Everyone wants to work out … but everyone always complains about not having the time for it,” said Jason Stevens, GM of Downtown Fitness. “We created an atmosphere to give them the time.”

Downtown Fitness, which held its grand opening Monday, July 2, is at 515 Fannin in the old Dallas-Williams Furniture Co., across from Century Tower.

Patrick Flanagan, owner of Downtown Fitness and the son of Tom Flanagan, president of James J. Flanagan Stevedores, said he has an innate interest in restoring historic buildings in the heart of Beaumont. The Dallas-Williams Furniture Co. building fit the bill, he said.

“As I’ve grown up, I’ve worked with my dad who has been very involved in downtown revitalization,” said Patrick. “I really have a passion for renovating downtown historic buildings. … We decided we really wanted to create a convenient place where the working professional could maintain a healthy lifestyle after work.”

Although Patrick, 20, is currently working on finishing his business degree at Lamar University, he says that he’s learned many things from his father and through this project that he couldn’t pick up in a classroom.

“My dad has taught me a lot of things like how to deal with people. From this project, I’ve learned that it’s a lot harder than it looks. There’s a lot more effort that goes into starting a business and creating a business than most people consider,” Patrick said.

Downtown Fitness, which already has more than 200 members, features a mix of different machines and weights to give customers an array of experiences, as well as showers, private changing rooms, and white towel service.

Although Tom originally wanted to go with a one-floor concept, Patrick talked his dad into using two of the building's floors instead.

“I really turned it over to him mostly,” Tom said. “He’s really been involved in the conceptualization of this project, which has evolved. … There are some really cool design elements such as keeping the original 100-year-old pristine ceiling, restoring the wood floors. He handled a variety of construction between the bathroom, the lighting, the fire protection sprinkler system, the sound system and the computer systems. So he got a really great first-hand experience of a construction project as well as setting up a new business, running a business and staffing it with the right people. I’m really proud of him. It hasn’t been without problems and challenges along the way, but every business has that.”

The first floor of the building has weights and workout machines, while the second floor primarily has cardio machines and aerobics and other fitness classes.

Thirty dollar monthly memberships are available that offer access to weights and machines, and $40 monthly memberships give unlimited access to fitness classes. Downtown Fitness also offers subscription-based sessions with a personal trainer.

“With the (personal trainer subscription), they get an unlimited amount of visits,” said Stevens. “They’ll come in … and we will talk about what they are trying to achieve” and how to achieve it. “It’s not just the look you are trying to achieve — you want to feel better about yourself.”

Hours are 4 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday – Friday and 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Saturday. The gym is closed on Sunday. For more information, visit

- by Kevin King and Kyle Swearingen

Photo by Kyle Swearingen - Jason Stevens, general manager of Downtown Fitness, uses the Squat Machine.