Local design firm invests $1 MM in Calder Avenue

Come Spring 2015, Calder Avenue will have a new event center by K & K Designs. This is a major investment in the seemingly vacant east end of Calder Avenue.

Located at 1315 Calder, the vintage plantation style event center, will be just under 6,000 square feet. The building will feature a traditional parlor, dining rooms, enclosed courtyard, and a ballroom that will accommodate events of up to 200 – 220 people, with modern amenities throughout.  Clients will have the option of an outdoors event, with the landscaped gardens and grounds K & K Designs has planned.

From the desk of Chamber President Jim Rich

We have scheduled our mid-year review of our programs of work for May 21 at the Broussard’s Center under the direction of our Long Range Planning Division chaired by Tim Sudela. As an organization, we proudly take a moment mid way through the year to ask our divisions to report on progress and to illustrate what has been accomplished. The chamber has many moving parts utilizing volunteers and staff to accomplish a variety of tasks so it is prudent to take a moment and gauge how the moving parts are working and if the efforts continue to be relevant to our mission.

Celebrate The Travel Effect with the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau will lead local Texas travel workers in a travel Rally Day on Tuesday, May 6, as part of the 31st annual National Travel & Tourism Week. The event – replicated in countless cities nationwide – represents the travel community’s collective call to showcase the importance and impact of travel on jobs and economic growth in Beaumont, Texas.  

New addition for OCI Beaumont

OCI Partners LP, a Delaware limited partnership ("the Partnership"), announced today that it has implemented a state-of-the-art methanol truck loading facility on-site at its wholly owned subsidiary OCI Beaumont LLC ("OCI-B").

At present, the Partnership sells methanol via barge and via pipeline to neighboring customers in Beaumont, Texas. The new methanol truck loading facility will help the Partnership diversify its customer base and generate higher netback prices for a portion of its methanol sales volume.